As a result of Michael's hard work, dedicated work ethic and love for his vines, we have been able to transform the land from native sage brush to a productive vineyard. Our vines have produced excellent quality fruit. For several years, our grapes were sold to Road 13 and Tinhorn Creek Vineyards. Michael's vision is now becoming reality as we soon will open our doors as 'Savard Vines'.

     At the beginning of this journey, I knew very little about wine. Living in Edmonton with our family and working full-time as a nurse practitioner in cardiology, I was busy. Out of curiosity, I registered in a wine course to learn more about wine. I remember thinking, what does it mean to be a 'white Burgundy'? Enticed by the fascinating world of wine, two years later I became a certified sommelier graduating from the International Sommelier Guild Diploma Program.  As our vision of establishing a winery was becoming more a reality, I enrolled in the UC Davis California Winemaking Certificate Program. Two years later with a lot more studying, I finished the program and now it was time to make wine!

     Our daughter Heather created our beautiful label from her watercolor of Lake Okanagan.  It captures the beauty yet simplicity of the land.  

    The construction of our winery building began in the spring of 2015. It was a hectic summer being one of the hottest with a very early harvest. With the assistance of a consultant winemaker, we managed to pull it off surviving our first crush and fermenation on site. We hope to fully open our doors in September 2016. We would like you to come visit us and see what we have been up to! Come and taste our wine and marvel at this truly majestic place. Please introduce yourself as we would love to meet you! Hope to see you soon.

Lori and Michael Savard

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Michael Savard



Lori Savard