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Welcome to Savard Vines

The Smallest Winery with the Biggest View!

You can taste the passion!

A view like this can only be found at Savard Vines. Located just north of Summerland, the wonderful grape growing climate produces 'jewels' on the vine! Our grapes are harvested at the peak of perfection to produce extraordinary wines for every occasion. We're passionate about our vineyard and our wines, and once you try them, you will be, too. All of our wines are small lot productions with limited volumes produced. 

Closing  March 31, 2024!
All wine is on sale. Don't miss out on this opportunity to grab your favorite wine at a discounted price. Limited  quantities remaining. 

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Our History

About Savard Vines

It was in the hot, dry summer of 2003 when the big "Kelowna fire" raged, that we purchased the land destined to become Savard Vines. At first glance, the property appeared undisturbed covered with sagebrush and native grasses. However, after a closer look, skeletons of an old peach orchard could be seen. We learned that the orchard did not survive. Hauling water by horse from the lake proved to be too difficult for the lone farmer. The orchard was abandoned. That did not stop Michael's enthusiasm. Growing up on a farm, Michael had a passion for the land. Originally, it was Michael's plan to plant garlic. Despite his love for this spicy onion species, it was the Okanangan's wine culture that eventually won us over. So, on a dusty day in May 2008, we conned some of our closest friends to help plant over 5000 vines by hand!! It would be fun! We survived...but barely. It is amazing that we are still friends today .....well, mostly. 

Our plantings include equal amounts of Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris with a smattering of Cab Franc and Malbec. Due to the natural contours and silt bluffs of the land, we are only able to farm roughly 4.5 of the 10 acre plot. 

Our Wine Shop 

Please see Shipping Details and Costs for updated pricing info as shipping costs have changed.

A Bit About Us

As a result of Michael's dedicated work ethic and love for his vines, we have been able to transform the land into a productive vineyard. Our vines have produced excellent quality fruit. For several years, our grapes were sold to Road 13 and Tinhorn Creek Vineyards. Michael's vision become reality as we officially become 'Savard Vines'.

At the beginning of this journey, I knew very little about vines and wines. Living in Edmonton with our family and working full-time as a nurse practitioner in cardiology, I was busy. Out of curiosity, I registered in a wine course. I remember thinking, what does it mean to be a 'white Burgundy'? Enticed by the world of wine, two years later I became a certified sommelier graduating from the International Sommelier Guild Diploma Program. As the vision of establishing a winery was becoming a reality, I enrolled in the UC Davis California Winemaking Certificate Diploma Program.

With more studying and two more years, I finished the program with the skill set to make wine!

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25200 Callan Road, Summerland, BC V0H 1Z6

(250) 494-1926

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